What is a 'breach' and where has the data come from?

“Breach” happens when the data is not protected enough by the organization that stores it. In that case the security system can be penetrated and the sensitive user data may be exposed. ZERO ID aggregates and monitors 99% of breaches and enables people to see where their personal data has been exposed.

What is a temporary email address?

ZERO ID provides a temporary, disposable and anonymous email address that can be used for various websites and apps that require your email. It enhances your privacy and keeps you safe from spam and phishing.

What is a temporary phone number?

ZERO ID provides a phone number that is temporary, disposable and anonymous. It can be used for registration on websites that require authentication as well as to keep your personal phone number off the radars of scammers, spammers and hackers.

Does ZERO ID store user passwords?

No, ZERO ID doesn’t store passwords.

Is there a list of everyone's email address or username?

In order to find the precise information about the email address and username it is required to have the authorization to access such data. That's why there is no single list that can be accessed.

What if the passwords aren’t leaked in the breach?

Every breach is harmful in one way or another to the identity of the person whose data has been exposed. Even if there is no password leak, the personal information becomes publicly available and it can have negative privacy impact in the future. That’s why we believe that it’s important to notify a person whose data has been compromised in order for him to take full control of the digital imprint.

What is a “verified” breach?

Verification of a breach is a process which basically confirms that the data included in the leak is valid and the action is indeed harming privacy. In order to verify it’s important to determine whether there is a public acknowledgement of a breach by the organization that was impacted, it shows up in search results, there is sufficient evidence to prove that there was an attack and that the modus operandi of the attackers corresponds to the typical behaviour in the similar cases.

ZERO ID can effectively prove the legitimacy of the data breach to provide the users with verified information.

What is a “paste”?

“Paste” is a text file with the leaked personal data that is usually published by hackers on websites like Pastebin.com and the other text storage websites. ZERO ID searches through pastes.

My email was included in a paste but the paste was removed, what now?

Pastes can last for a short period of time. Usually they would be made public briefly and deleted afterward. Nevertheless, they are still a grave privacy violation and should be monitored as the personal information was exposed. ZERO ID detects new pastes and stores the email addresses that were included.

My email was not found — does that mean I haven't been hacked?

Even if your email is not in one of the latest pastes it doesn’t mean that you haven’t been hacked. Every time you register on a new service, download a new app or log in with giving permissions, you’re at a high risk. ZERO ID monitors multiple services where breached data appears and has a state-of-art detection mechanism that keeps you informed of any personal data exposure.

Does ZERO ID log any user information?

No, ZERO ID doesn’t log any user information. Every action on the app is encrypted and depersonalized.

I've never signed up to a service but I see my credentials in a breach, why?

There are billions of usernames on the internet and the chances are high that there might be similar ones. So if you see the same username on a service you haven’t signed for it may simply mean that someone was registered under the same name. As for the same email there can be instances when your email data has been used without your permission or the service has been renamed.

Can ZERO ID send notifications to an email address I don't have access to?

No, ZERO ID doesn’t send notifications to the address you don’t have access to for security reasons.

Does ZERO ID store email addresses?

We store the email address along with the subscription date. We do so in order to inform users if their emails are included in the new data breaches.

What is an 'unverified' breach?

There are breaches that can’t be qualified as “verified” according to the criteria set in link to «What is a “verified” breach?». Still they are monitored by ZERO ID as they pose high privacy risk.

What is a 'fabricated' breach?

It is important to distinguish between “unverified” and “fabricated” breaches. In a first case there is a high risk that the data included in the breach is genuine. In case of a fabricated breach, the data included is usually illegitimate and doesn’t pose a privacy risk.

What is a 'spam list'?

Spam lists are not as dangerous as pastes but still they are undesired as the emails included in such a list are used for spam purposes.

I’ve given ZERO ID my email and then I found it in the breach, what’s that?

ZERO ID doesn’t store your data and every search in the app follows a depersonalized encrypted procedure.

Who we are?

We are a group of activists that fight for better privacy on the internet and want to inform as many people whose personal data was leaked as possible. We would make our app free, however, we have to pay the costs to monitor breaches and maintain the state-of-art leaked data tracking system.

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